The painful wait for the finale of Star Wars trilogy has come to an end. Bearing the title of The Rise of Skywalker, the fourth installation of the trilogy (?) is hope to provide justice to the Star Wars franchise, after the dismal performance by the previous three movies.

So, thronged we were at the cinema, with our hope run high. We opted to take the 8:15 pm show. Since the movie debuted for almost a week already, the crowd is not so apparent. However, there were a few hardcore fans that came with all sort of Star Wars paraphernalia. I decided to wear the Star Wars t-shirt that I bought on my recent trip to Bangkok.

The movie started with Kylo Ren’s scene of seeking out the Sith Wayfinder to find his way to Emperor Palpatine and Exogal. We have all the while thinking that Palpatine is no more, but was presented with the fact that he is still around to build his immense Sith’s army to realize his new world order.

Slowly, the movie built up its plot, with Daisy Ridley that played Rey is trying to justify herself as the remaining Jedi around, but at the same time, being aggressively persuaded by Kylo to join him to the dark side. We were presented with the fact that Rey was actually the grandchild of Palpatine, and she was to ascend to the throne of the Sith to replace him. It is a dichotomy, as the blood of the Jedi runs deep inside her but the temptation of becoming a Sith is something that she can’t resist that easily. Eventually, as Kylo/Ben comes to his senses, both have joined forces to beat Palpatine’s new world order. And they live happily ever after.

No doubt, the movie put up a really good fight to be remembered as the best among all the trilogy. JJ Abrams put some cheeky scenes that were missing from the previous three movies. It would be an otherwise bland movie that surely made me goes to sleep. The effect of the CGI was also impressive. It was not overdone just because CGI can easily be done nowadays. Those are a standard in any movies nowadays, thus it is not a biggie. What makes it more interesting is JJ Abrams manage to stick to the Star Wars signature CGI, making it more fulfilling to fans that follow the Star Wars franchise closely.

I am however cannot fathom those scene whereby previous actors like Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker or even Princess Leia came back into the movie on the pretext that they are purely the reflection of Rey or Kylo thinking. And what about those scenes whereby Kylo and Rey are telepathically communicating? It is becoming too much since Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is quite understandable that it is a sci-fi movie, but I believe it was overly done that it becomes a nuisance to me.

Nevertheless, the last instalment of the movie put a positive closure to the trilogy. I enjoyed the whole two and half hours glueing to the cinema seat. I came out feeling fulfilled and satisfied.


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