My Me Time

Give me a book to read or to write, and I will be one with my element.

That would be the ultimate ‘me’ time that can satisfy me for a very long time.

Ain’t it boring? I know for some it can be very boring as hell. But for me, those are the time when I can really connect with my world.

The silence while consuming those materials can be very defeaning. Oxymoronic maybe, but the race of mind to give new meaning to the term, to generate the expression within the statement and to visualize the nuances of the writing, bring to a new orgasmic experience that is hard to come by in today crowded world.

The noisy surrounding seems impotent in making me aware of what is physically happening all around me. The physical being very next to me proves to be invisible as if they were simply devoured by the creative thought racing in my head.

I am my own king in my own mighty castle!!

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