Cycling is a passion…

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years back, I have taken up cycling quite a lot. This is in conjunction with other exercise activities such as futsal, hockey as well as other workout activities in the gym. It does help to regulate my body sugar processing apart from taking the usual medicine as advised by the doctor.

I would normally cycle around my vicinity. Since I am staying in Hulu Langat, I have been blessed with many cycling routes. I can attest to that fact since every weekend Hulu Langat has been thronged by avid cyclist all over Klang Valley. It can be quite difficult to find a parking spot to park the car on the weekend since people would indiscriminately park their car along the 3km radius of the Pekan Batu 18 of Hulu Langat.

These cyclists would normally park their car early in the morning and cycle to the infamous Genting Peres, which is located at the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. The cycling can be quite daunting, as you would need to manoeuvre the hilly slope while going uphill to the border. However, the arduous journey can be a rewarding one, as you will be passing a scenic route across a few natives villages. If you are lucky enough, you can stop by to taste the famous durian bukit along the way.

It has been however many years ago that I can bring myself up to ride to the top of Genting Peres. Of late, I like to try the nooks and cranny of Hulu Langat’s villages. These have brought me to various interesting spot that many may have missed when they cycled in Hulu Langat. I would normally go toward Pangson or Sungai Congkak area, and try to make a point to take the beaten path. This is where I would normally be blessed with views from surrounding rivers and hills that would otherwise still be hidden.

I suppose that would be one of the privileges why I love to stay in Hulu Langat. Perhaps, one day I can document all these beaten paths and make it known to my fellow cyclist. As they said, sharing is caring.

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