Why it is not easy to be a boss?

It is not easy being a boss. To be one, you have to accept the reality that it is going to be an alone endeavour. There will not be many people would want to be near you. You would take your lunch alone. You will face the wrath alone. Basically, it is going to be a lonely journey. If there is anyone that is close enough to you, you better be sure of their motives, as the truth might hurt you even more.

Being a boss also meant that you need to be a good salesperson. As a salesperson, you better be able to sell. Unless that is done, only then the thing will get moving. You need to sell your vision, your target, your objectives, your ideas and to name but a few. That practically translates into changing other person’s mind to accept whatever that you want them to believe.

And believe me, that is not an easy task. It is a lot harder than I would like it to be. To some people that have this natural talent, it might be a breeze. However, being an introvert category, it is an uphill journey when it comes to selling things.

But, you can’t really run away from those responsibilities. You have to face it, as those have been entrusted upon you. You have to take it bit by bit, and learn along the way. That is why failure will always be an option, as failure is the foundation of success. Slowly, I dare to face up any challenges that were thrown at me. I will take it with stride and pride.

Have I got the hang of it? Perhaps. But I dare not say I have mustered enough confidence to say that I am a seasoned manager. There is still a lot that I need to learn in order to really be able to change someone’s mind.

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