My extended family

People management has always been my pet-peeves. Being an introvert, the very idea of engagement with people, at any level, can be a real nightmare. As much as possible, I will try to find excuses to reduce that interaction, be it face to face interaction, or standing in front of a large crowd.

Obviously, it is not possible to avoid that sort of engagement. It is part and parcel that comes with the job as the head of the department. The engagement must happen, otherwise, nothing will get moving. Thus, people management skill is imperative to be learned, for us to function and lead effectively within the organization.

The past 4 years have therefore proven challenging, yet very exciting. It is on the job training like no other, a journey where the progress is much more important than the destination. It is an opportunity that I believe is not something we can learn in any classroom.

There was doubt when I started to undertake this role way back in 2016. It was a toughie, as I might have grossly underestimated the situations. Slowly and surely, I learn and relearn, understand and reunderstand, assess and reassess the best possible way how we should function as a team and carry ourselves within this vast enterprise of Prasarana.

Today, we celebrated that occasion, albeit a simple one, to remind ourselves, the journey is not over, but at the same time, worth taking. We started initially as an acquaintance but now have grown fondly as a family. People do come and go, but I feel blessed for the chance to get to know these great people.

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