Life is not as simple as black and white. It is more complex than we imagined. It can be as colourful as the colour of the rainbow and turn gloomy in the very next minute. It is so fluid, that we sometimes finding it hard to anticipate what life can have in store for us.

Despite that complex nature, it is the simple thing in life that mean the most. More often than not, these are the things that we always overlook.

That is why I will try to pay particular attention to these simplest things, however minuscule it can be. Having to overlook these matter would create a wrong impression about ourselves, something we definitely want to avoid.

Take for example of how we craft our email communication. The simplest act of having the right ethic of greeting is very important as the content of the email itself. I have seen a countless time where people decided to skip the greeting part altogether, effectively nullify that first impression we try to create. There were also cases of simply writing the name without a proper deserving title and even those that simply think the lower case for the whole name is fine. We have grossly overlooked these simple gestures and does mind being perceived differently by the intended audience.

In the business world, the first impression really matters. Physically, the first 5 minutes will always make or break our chance of having a good encounter. Similar rules apply when we communicate via email. A simple gesture such as proper greeting will definitely increase our chance to get a good response to our email content.

There was a say ‘A man reveals his character even in the simplest things he does’. It is imperative to go back and forth before we hit that ‘SEND’ button. Is the greeting ok? Does the name is properly addressed and written? What about spelling and grammar? These are some of the checklists that we need to adhere to, otherwise, we risk of having a wrong first impression.